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Deal Island Labor Day Skipjack Race: September 6, 2021

Choptank Heritage Skipjack Race: September 25, 2021

Skipjack Heritage, Inc.

Books and Publications


Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks, by Pat Vojtech. 1993, Schiffer Publishing

Skipjack: The Story of America's Last Sailing Oystermen, by Christopher White. 2009, St. Martin's Press

No Time to Reef, by C. R. Webster

Working Skipjacks of Deal Island, by Brice N. Stump

Memoir of a Skipjack, by Randolph George


Chesapeake Oysters, by Kate Livie. 2015, The History Press

The Oyster Question, by Christine Keiner. 2009, University of Georgia Press

Stories and Press Releases

The story of one woman's efforts to save George W. Collier (September 2015)

Videos and Photos

YouTube overhead video taken of the 2015 Deal Island Skipjack Race.

Video of dredging on board Skipjack Kathryn, c.1989, with glimpses of a number of other skipjacks.

Walter Cronkite hosted "The Twentieth Century: The Sailing Oystermen" on CBS, February 7, 1965.

A collection of skipjack photos and listings of old skipjacks from Rosanne Schenck.

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