Scarlett O'Hara


Updated 11 April 2024:
We found Scarlett O'Hara in 2009 at a dock in Middle River, Baltimore. She was built as a recreational vessel and privately owned. She has changed owners since then, but her previous owner believes that rot in her was too extensive and she likely now has been lost.

Scarlett O'Hara, 30 March 2009

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The skipjack last known as Scarlett O'Hara was begun in 1975 by Dr. James McKelvey of Pennsylvania, but he turned the work over to the renowned shipbuilder James B. "Mr. Jim" Richardson of Cambridge, Maryland, who finished her in 1978. Her original name was Carrie Ruth, the nickname of McKelvey's wife, Carol.

She was built as a skipjack-rigged cruising boat. Mr. Jim thought McKelvey had made the cabin three inches too high, but tall Dr. McKelvey wanted the headroom.

Her next owner was Bob Fox, a naval architect at Benoni Point, who renamed her Irish Miss. He removed her rigging, planning to convert her to a three-sail bateau, but apparently the boat never got her second mast. Fox reportedly kept her in a boathouse for twenty years. When he died, his family donated her to the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

She had a new owner and a new name in November 2003, when architect Wesley Burton bought her and renamed her Scarlett O'Hara. He intended to provide her with a pushboat and name it Bonnie Blue.

However, by the time we found her in 2009 at a dock in Middle River outside of Baltimore, there still was no pushboat, and Scarlett O'Hara needed work. Health issues had arisen, and Burton didn't know how much more work he would be able to do on her. She changed owners once again, but later Burton said he believed the rot in her was too extensive and that she likely now has been lost.

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