Sank in storm, destroyed, 2011.

Laurann, 5 June 2011

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Laurann was a small recreational skipjack built in 1966 by Curtis Applegarth in Oxford, Maryland. The boat's original name was Oxford Jack, and she was a sister vessel to Yankee Pedler.

She changed hands at least four times over the years, somewhere along the line being renamed Laurann. From Applegarth, she went to Peter and Elizabeth Alexander. Around 2004, her owners became Thomas and Eda Huddleston of Neavitt. Next came Brad and Mo Herbert, who in 2011 gave her to Bob Zuber and Tracy Staples, who owned Black Walnut Point Inn on Tilghman Island.

We found her there that year, moored off the Inn's dock. However, before the new owners could even provide her with a new set of sails, Laurann was sunk in a storm and destroyed.

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