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Fiesta (Three-Sail Bateau)


Updated 12 September 2016:
After spending years in a warehouse in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Fiesta was acquired in 2015 by a new private owner and was brought down to Cambridge, Maryland, for restoration. She was built as a two-mast, three-sail bateau, a recreational vessel, but her new owner planned to convert her to a skipjack rig and put her to work dredging. She was sold again in 2016 and moved from Cambridge back up the Bay to Northeast, Maryland. The new owner says they have begun a complete rebuild, and have full intentions on dredging when she's back in shape. They also are planning to keep Fiesta's original two-mast configuration. Since she never had been considered a "skipjack" per se, her status on this site continues to be under consideration. If she ends up dredging as a skipjack under Department of Natural Resources rules, we likely will move her into one of the skipjacks categories.

Fiesta, 13 August 2015

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