Updated 5 May 2024:
We found Caroline living in a garage in Parksley, Virginia, in 2009. Her private owner was trying to sell her, and we lost track of her until October 2016, when that owner advised us that the boat had been sold at some point to someone in Cambridge, Maine. If anyone has further information, it would be welcome.

Caroline, 21 May 2009

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Caroline was built by John Swain in 1962. Swain used to work with Curtis Applegarth in Oxford, Maryland, before going out on his own. Walkley Johnson, a lawyer from Concord Wharf, Virginia, commissioned the boat, which he named after his wife. Johnson's son said the boat never sailed very well.

Caroline originally had a cabin, but that was gone by the time we found her in 2009 in a garage in Parksley, Virginia, in need of restoration. She had been through half a dozen owners up to that point, all from the Eastern Shore. Johnson had sold her to Henry Snyder, who removed the cabin.

We were told that about ten years before we found her, Bill Young of Willis Wharf built a new mast for her and tried unsuccessfully to float the hull, but the seams would not close up enough, indicating that she may have been out of the water then for some time.

In 2009, her owner was Blair Snyder, Henry's wife, who had bought back Caroline as an anniversary gift for her husband in 2008. But by the time we found the boat, the couple had separated and Blair had the boat, although she said her husband still had the cabin.

Caroline eventually was moved out of that garage to another house where she was under cover. She was being offered for sale for $2000–$2500. The Snyders were subsequently divorced, and in 2016, Blair said that Henry had sold the boat to a man in Cambridge, Maine. We have had no further word of her status.

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